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Guest Did you notice the AWESOME new button on the top bar! We're giving you Free Games just for being an active partner with us! How cool is that?

Submit Video

In order to gain access to the video submission form, your MGN forum account must be upgraded to "Partner". If you are an MGN partner, MGN sub-network partner, or staff-approved content creator, please submit a ticket to our support team to ensure that your account is properly upgraded. Make sure to include your Freedom! dashboard ID in your ticket to speed up the process! (This process generally takes less than 24 hours.)
Click here to submit your ticket!

If you are not currently an MGN partner, but would like to make the switch from Freedom! or any of its other sub-networks, use our network transfer form.
Click here to fill out a transfer form!

If you meet all of the requirements and your forum account has been successfully upgraded, visit our video submission form page to begin sending us your videos!
Click here to submit a video!

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