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Guest Did you notice the AWESOME new button on the top bar! We're giving you Free Games just for being an active partner with us! How cool is that?
Yo folks and gamers, it'd be exciting for ya'll to know that GTA 5 is on a 50% off sale on the Steam store, what ya waitin' for?
Hey Freedom! Family,

The January giveaway winners will be announced on the 5th. If you missed out on the last one, do not worry, the next one is here!

February Contest!


In the spirit of the month of February, let's celebrate and share the love for our common passion, content creation. [​IMG]


Head over to and like the official Freedom! Facebook page here, scroll down and you'll find our February contest post!

- OR -

Alternatively, you may click on the photo above or this link.


Comment on the post what you love about being a content creator! We're giving away $100 worth of prizes (games and software for YouTubers from our catalog) to the best and most creative answer(s)!

You can also share the post for additional chances of winning.

STEP 3: (optional)

Reply to this thread with a photo of something (or someone :eek:) you love when you're done.

It is also important to note that even if you are not a Freedom! partner, you can still join! So all our Full Members and non-partners are welcome.

Best of luck to everyone!

Deadline is on 28th of February, results will be posted around the 5th of March.
Hey everyone, I know these forums have been a little deserted lately and I'd like to know if there are any additions you would like to see to help bring back activity to these forums.

I do have a few game keys that can be given out as prizes as well :)
The secrets of VR interactivity and gameplay possibilities have barely been explored. And this is where the dreamers and experimenters within the indie industry working on headsets such as the Razer OSVR (OS there stands for Open Source) will come in. Smaller developers with even smaller budgets will be where to look for games that aren’t just console ports of FPSs, and so on.

2017 is also when VR is going to become coupled with new controllers such as the Oculus Touch devices. Comprised of two rings, one on each hand, buttons are pressed at logical places along the ring allowing you to pull a trigger or make a thumbs up.

So, based on techradar.com here are the 10 VR games with the most buzz...

1. Arktika
Oculus Rift & Touch

2. Robo Recall
Oculus Rift & Touch

3. Essence
Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR

4. Fallout 4
HTC Vive

5. Star Trek: Bridge Crew
Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR

6. ARK Park
Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR

7. Panoptic
HTC Vive

Vertigo Games

9. Guardian Arena
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR...
Hello MGN Gamers,

I am not sure if you know me but I am a Senior Manager here at Freedom! I have taken a lot of interest in MGN, you have probably noticed me on the forums tweaking some stuff to make MGN look a lot nicer and gamer friendly!

We have just added a nice new feature (plugin) for you all to use called XenMedio you have the ability to show off your videos which will be added to our library with the added ability to make comments on those videos pretty much like YouTube, what is cool about this feature is that you can search the content you enjoy watching and get feedback from staff or other members or just leave a friendly comment on the video. We will be making the plugin at lot better as we go along and include it in to the side panel on the right so that you and we can see the latest content from our partners.

http://www.mgn.tm/forum/media to use the feature just submit media button then paste in your YouTube video link.

There is a few buttons you can also use like random this will select a random video in the video catalog for you to watch and you can also create playlists.

In addition to this I have also enabled a feature similar to the YouTube button on the Freedom! Forums where you have the YouTube subscribe button below your signature, which I have moved to your profile panel when ever you post you will see if below your post rank, I believe it looks a lot nicer in this area and is more personal and noticeable to other members.

You can add your own YouTube channel link to your profile by going to your personal details then scroll down to YouTube Channel and paste your channel id and click save this should display your YouTube channel subscribe button when ever you make a new post in the forums.

Feel free to test these features out and let us know any feedback you might have!